Want to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment? Install a BIOROCK Wastewater Treatment Plant At Home

Want to Reduce Your Impact on the Environment? Install a BIOROCK Wastewater Treatment Plant At Home

Posted on 05 Jan 2022 by Lise Helluy

Do you want to reduce your impact on the environment? Do you want to make a difference in the world and live sustainably by producing less waste and using up fewer natural resources? Well, then I'm happy to tell you that there is something that can help.

BIOROCK Wastewater treatment plants! Wastewater treatment plants are required for a healthy environment and are very important in making people more aware of their own waste products. 

Our environment is nowadays under increasing pressure because of the growing population and the waste they produce. We need to be aware of our impact on the environment, and wastewater treatment plants can help us reduce it a significant amount! 

First of all, let's clarify what the wastewater treatment plant does and why it is important to have one! Then let's explain how BIOROCK treatment plants can help you reduce your impact on the environment. Good news, in the end, you will also learn how you can save money.

What does the wastewater treatment plant already?

The wastewater treatment plant is a device that can treat wastewater and make it clean enough for the environment. Wastewater is otherwise called sewage, and it contains water that has been contaminated by humans in their daily routine like washing clothes or dishes. This wastewater can contain harmful chemicals which then flow into our environment like rivers, oceans, etc. When people make use of these polluted waters they risk getting very sick.

Indeed some contaminants need to be removed in order for it to not cause damage to its surroundings or people who might end up using this water (for instance, if they swim in contaminated rivers). In addition to that, wastewater also contains organic matter which is broken down into organisms within wastewater treatment plants. Once these small organisms have devoured all the pollutants, the treated effluent can be discharged into nature as you can see in the picture below.

discharge treated water in nature

Why is wastewater treatment plant important?

It is important to have wastewater treatment plants at home (and in most countries compulsory) because a lot of the wastewater that people produce goes untreated and straight into our environment. Sewage can pollute natural water sources, making them unsafe for human or animal consumption. In addition, wastewater from an average household contains detergents as well as other toxic compounds which are hazardous to our environment. Therefore wastewater treatment plants are required in order to create a safe way to recycle it into the natural water cycle without harming nature or wildlife in any way.

Time for figures, here's a very interesting one:

About two million tons of sewage are dumped into the world’s water bodies daily. Annually, 14 billion pounds of garbage containing mostly plastic is thrown into the world’s oceans, causing large-scale destruction of marine life.

That's why it is important not only for people but also animals, specifically those who drink from rivers or oceans near cities with wastewater plants installed at homes. We need to think more about the life we will leave to future generations. And if that's not an important enough argument for you, maybe cost reduction will be, right? 

How BIOROCK wastewater treatment plants will save you money in the long term?

A BIOROCK treatment plant will save you money in the long run because it is a self-contained and continuously running system that can handle wastewater without human intervention. You need to provide some maintenance every once in a while, but basically, there is not much required from your side. Indeed, BIOROCK solutions need very low maintenance, thanks to the BIOROCK media which is degradation-resistant and keeps the purification system working effectively over the long term.

BIOROCK wastewater treatment system diagramOn top of this, BIOROCK treatment plants are non-electric! The BIOROCK units work without any electrical or mechanical aerators – they simply require a natural air draft for aeration. No more fear and anxiety during power outages! If you choose these solutions over an electrical one, it will reduce dramatically electricity bills and running costs in general. 

If you install this wastewater system at home then you will not only reduce your carbon footprint but also contribute towards saving our planet! So do it for the environment!

How can BIOROCK solutions help you reduce your impact on the environment? 

A BIOROCK wastewater treatment plant help to reduce your carbon footprint because, as we said before, it doesn’t need electricity to operate. Moreover, it will treat wastewater before being reused in nature in a really efficient way. Indeed the effluent that will be discharged in nature by your BIOROCK system has really high quality and the organic BIOROCK Media is stable and sustainable. This means you preserve nature and its biodiversity and you are not wasting any natural resources, which are scarce enough as it is! 

In a mechanical system, machinery works hard and is energy-intensive with a high carbon footprint. Activated sludge is using excessive amounts of fossil fuels in the form of electricity for operating and sludge digestion. The BIOROCK aerobic treatment units have a very low carbon footprint! BIOROCK is safe for the environment, so you are actually making a big difference when installing a BIOROCK wastewater treatment plant at home!

In the end, if you are not convinced of the importance yet, here are the 5 reasons why you should choose BIOROCK solutions:  

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint
  2. Save on running costs
  3. Compact & Discreet
  4. Eco-friendly technology 
  5. Quick and easy to install

With the industry’s lowest operational costs and longest emptying intervals, BIOROCK is a valuable, worthwhile investment for your home or establishment

Do you need more information about the range of systems available? Ask a BIOROCK expert for advice by filling this short form: CLICK HERE

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