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Choosing your wastewater treatment solution: 3 criteria not to be left to chance !


After contacting your local authority, the time has come to choose the residential on-site wastewater treatment plants that suits you best. 

Choosing the wrong individual sewage solution can have a considerable impact on your quality of life! 

To ensure your peace of mind and avoid any unpleasant surprises, we have thought of three critical elements that can make all the difference in the choice of your individual wastewater treatment solution.

1. The impact that your wastewater treatment solution can have on your life and your space


hidden monoblock from biorockResidential on-site wastewater treatments plants can be bulky, noisy and smelly. If your solution needs to be installed close to your home or patio, choosing an unsuitable solution will greatly affect your quality of life. When choosing your system, ask about its footprint and its noise and odor impact.

If you are concerned about this (or if you prefer peace and quiet), we recommend that you look into the MONOBLOCK sewage treatment plants from BIOROCK. Ultra-compact, odorless and totally silent, you can even arrange your installation so that it is barely visible in your garden.


2. Electric or non-electric ?


Non electric Monoblock from BiorockMost wastewater treatment plants require electricity to supply oxygen to the small bacteria that consume the pollutants in the wastewater. However, there are some non-electric solutions. Opting for one of these can have many advantages. 

Not only will it save you money on your monthly electricity bills, but it will also ensure that your system is completely silent; no electricity = no noisy motors or suppressors.

In addition to this technical aspect, it is clearly an ecological and sustainable alternative to conventional sewage treatment plants. This is why the manufacturer BIOROCK has chosen to develop only solutions that do not require any electricity for the wastewater treatment process; nature takes care of everything. 


3. Pay attention to maintenance !


All individual sewage systems need maintenance. Maintenance of sewage treatment plants

However, the frequency of maintenance and the cost of repairs can vary greatly depending on the solution.

If you opt for an electric sewage system, consider that the electrical components can fail at any time. No motor = no failure. 

We also recommend that you pay close attention to the "replaceable" part of your wasterwater treatment system: the media (bacterial support). How long will it last? Is it guaranteed? How often will you need to replace it? This can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another.

Thanks to their simplified, non-electrical operation and their inorganic media, guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years, BIOROCK solutions require very little maintenance, and avoid unpleasant surprises with costly and unforeseen repairs.

To guarantee the proper functioning of your installation, BIOROCK offers a free initial maintenance visit (according to conditions) and an annual maintenance contract that will allow you to keep your wastewater treatment solution running for years with complete peace of mind.



Need help choosing a solution that meets your needs? BIOROCK's technical experts are here to help you with your project. 

Contact them right away on their email address: info@biorock.com

More information on : www.biorock.com

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