Our Wastewater Treatment Plants
Residential On-site Wastewater Treatment Plants

At BIOROCK, we use revolutionary techniques to ensure all of our sewage treatment plants are non-electric, have a low carbon footprint and call for minimum annual maintenance. As our innovations ensure that nature runs the operation, you’ll save big bucks not only on maintenance, but electricity too. We believe in our products and trust them. This is why we provide a 10-year warranty on the media and a 25-year warranty on the tanks. This proves that you can rely on our products to work optimally for years to come.

Biorock's Monoblock
Sewage Treatment Plant
For small / medium households

The All-in-One Wastewater Treatment Solution

The MONOBLOCK sewage treatment plants are designed for rural dwellings, permanent and seasonal, which are not connected to the mains. This extremely compact purification units are completely pre-assembled and ready for speedy installation. The  MONOBLOCK units are available with a 2000 or a 3000 Liters Primary Tank and available in a Gravity Outlet (Low Outlet) or a Pumped Outlet (High Outlet).

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Biorock's Ecorock
Sewage Treatment Units
From small households to medium establishments

Non-Electric Wastewater Treatment - Septic Tank Upgrade

Domestic Waste Water Treatment - Septic Tank upgrade BIOROCK offers a complete range of compact package wastewater treatment plants, denominated in 4, 5, 6, 10, 15 and 30 persons systems.

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Biorock's Multirock
High Capacity Wastewater Treatment Systems
From 30 to Several Hundred Persons

The Modular Non-Electric Wastewater Treatment system

Our MULTIROCK system is the perfect solution for wastewater treatment with a capacity up to 30 persons. Built with our ECOROCK-5010 treatment units installed in parallel, MULTIROCK is a modular system that offers you the best purification results while being easy to install. It has been specifically designed to facilitate high-capacity sewage disposal for communities with 30+ persons.

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BIOROTOR - Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) systems

From 100 to 10.000 Persons

The Next Generation of Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) systems

BIOROTOR is a fully automatic, modular, wastewater treatment system, that was expertly developed for communities up to 10.000 PE.
It was created by an amazing team of engineers, led by an RBC expert who has spent 30 years designing and optimizing the technology.
We took the best parts of this tried-and-tested technology, but replaced or improved every element that could create an issue, making BIOROTOR the most reliable, risk-free, easy-to-operate, and cost-effective RBC ever created.

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