Plug & Play Domestic Waste Water Treatment Solution

The MONOBLOCK units are designed for rural dwellings, permanent and seasonal, which are not connected to the mains. The extremely compact purification units are completely pre-assembled and ready for speedy installation. The MONOBLOCK units are available with a 2000 or a 3000 Liters Primary Tank and available in a Gravity Outlet (Low Outlet) or a Pumped Outlet (High Outlet).

BIOROCK Small-sized systems

Domestic Waste Water Treatment - Septic Tank upgrade

BIOROCK® offers a complete range of compact package waste water treatment plants, denominated in "up to" 6, 10, 15 and 30 person systems. Our units can be combined to cater for larger projects (MULTIROCK Systems).


Accessories for the BIOROCK range of Sewage Treatment Systems

BIOROCK offers a complete range of optional parts for the installation and maintenance of the BIOROCK units:

  • Rotomoulded extension pieces for deeper installation of our tanks.
  • Single piece sampling chambers – no joints and lower installation costs.
  • Single piece pump chambers – no joints and lower installation costs.
  • Complete "High level discharge system" equipped with a reliable, high-quality pump kit.
  • Covers
  • Anchoring kits for high water table sites
  • Effluent Management System developped for BIOROCK MULTIROCK Modular installations.