On-site effluent management system replacing a septic tank in the Baltics

Valgamaa, Estonia


6 PE

Technical description

Our client is living in England a major part of the year, this dwelling being his summer house.  Their choice of a BIOROCK wastewater treatment plant to replace their existing septic tank was sure as they had a first positive experience with our brand in the UK.

When we visited the house we found that the septic tank was surcharging because the existing piping was blocked.

To solve the problem, a BIOROCK sewage treatment plant was installed. The system is composed of a BIOROCK ST-1 3000 Primary Tank, and a BIOROCK-S Treatment Unit discharging directly to the nearby infiltration area. The installation of a flow management device was needed and installed prior to the system to monitor the wastewater flow which is first pumped to the piping network serving the primary tank.

Project images