Plug & play Sewage Treatment Solution

MONOBLOCK, a new Generation of Non-Electric Sewage Treatment Plants

This new generation of the revolutionary BIOROCK range is a continuation of our ongoing research and development in domestic wastewater purification. This technological challenge, which has always been the driving force behind the growth of our company, is also at the heart of our mission: Bring the best wastewater treatment solution to the market, offering quality services and products to our customers around the world.

The ECOROCK range of treatment plants are available in a product line from 6 to 30 People Equivalent (PE, or in multiples thereof up to 180PE). The latest BIOROCK model is the All-In-One, MONOBLOCK system, offering both a Primary Tank, a BIOROCK Treatment Unit and Pump Well in a single, compact, durable tank. This is the first truly DIY solution, which is independently tested and certified, on offer in the market.

This technological innovation is available in two versions: The MONOBLOCK-2 system, equipped with a 2,000-liter Primary Tank (aka septic tank, for Primary Treatment), and the MONOBLOCK-3, equipped with a 3,000-liter Primary Tank. At present, the MONOBLOCK-2-900 is available as standard in Africa, with other MONOBLOCK models available on special order. These two product configurations make it possible to widen the field of application and to propose a product responding exactly to each project and according to the organic load to be treated.

The MONOBLOCK System is testimony of our ongoing advancement and leadership in the market.

The new MONOBLOCK system is a culmination of technological advantages, offering the user an economical and exceptionally reliable solution.

In keeping with the philosophy of the BIOROCK brand and the existing range, the MONOBLOCK system operates without electricity for the treatment process, avoiding most risks of failure, and ensuring minimal operating and maintenance costs.
The new Generation of BIOROCK Sewage Treatment Systems are positioned as one of the most compact on the market, with the primary tank and treatment unit combined into a single tank. This reuslts in a compact footprint, but likewise a reduces the impact of the installation with a effective surace area of only 6sqm.
The MONOBLOCK systems are light, and delivered ready for installation, ensuring a simple and fast installation for a minimum of deisruption of the installation site. The installation of the MONOBLOCK solution can be carried out in one single working day, given that the soils can be easily dug, ensuring minimal installation costs.
The acquisition cost of the MONOBLOCK solution is particularly competitive in the market. The savings in the purchase of the product are complemented by those related to the operating costs of the MONOBLOCK, which are among the lowest in the market. Running without electricity for treatment, and therefore free of mechanical parts which are synonymous with heavy maintenance, the MONOBLOCK system enables its user to realise substantial savings in terms of energy consumption and system maintenance.

A domestic wastewater solution which is ideal for all types of houses, rural developments, or where a water reuse application is desired. 

The MONOBLOCK solution is built on our proven trickling filter technology, are tolerant to intermittent use and extended absence periods, and provides a clean treated water for reuse (typically for irrigation). Moreover, installation of the system is possible in most types of soils commonly found in Africa, and even in a high water table application, 

With certified treatment and purification results exceeding those of even the larger ECOROCK units, the MONOBLOCK, is extremely efficient for the treatment of domestic wastewater (sewage).
This 3rd generation of the proven product line is based on BIOROCK technology and our purifying media, with unsurpassed stability and exceptional structural characteristics. Being of a mineral origin, it does not compost and does not disintegrate in time.
The two versions of the MONOBLOCK system (model with a 2,000-liters or 3,000-liters primary settlement tank) allow it to respond precisely to the specific requirements of each application for which it is requested.

For Africa: A High Effluent Discharge version

If the treated water is to be discharged at a higher level, the MONOBLOCK system is designed to accept a small pump in an integrated pumping chamber designed for this purpose. The high-quality pump with integrated float switch to start and stop the pump automatically, is typically included with the system when supplied.

We will supply a quality submersible pump to equip the High Effluent Discharge version of the MONOBLOCK System, providing a turnkey solution, simplifying system assembly on site, and saving considerable time during installation and startup.

Weights and dimensions indicated are approximate and are subject to change. For transport, handling and lifting purpose consult our technical instructions. BIOROCK systems must be commissioned, used and operated in accordance with our Installation and User guides. All the BIOROCK Units are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).



Capacity PE 4-6 persons
Capacity 2000 litres
Length 2790 mm
Width 1200 mm
Height 2000 mm
Weight 369-384 kg
Volume 2000 litres